måndag 21 oktober 2013

Yoshiaki Fujiwara and Itinomonns

A bouquet of Itinomonns, Brown mallee, Ironwood and Bog oak.

Two Yoshiaki Fujiwara Kikuryu with Ironwood and one Itinomonn with Thuya chaps.

torsdag 3 oktober 2013


When four knives with the same wood comes back due to cracking and shrinking one has to reflect for a while.

For me a knife is treated in the same way as when I was a computer technician, I DON'T want the knife/computer in return... I want the CUSTOMER to return to me, I don't want to "fuck up", but sometimes it happens and this is a solid case of this happening.

Both me and my colleague/employer Maksim has talked to the persons affected by this and for the both of us it feels like a well oiled cricked bat straight to the nuts with minimal warning.

As much as I hate this, it feels good to remake this and the result will be a customer that can tell about the "Wood fuck-up" and how we solved this in a good manner".

Now I want to show you some pictures of wood that caused me more nightmares than customer satisfaction, enjoy because this will NEVER happen again.

fredag 27 september 2013

Stealing from my colleague.

So it pours down like never before this year, I was free from work and my better half was at work... so I got bored quickly when I woke up. I saw some saya-wood I was gonna use for boxes for j-nats and thought "what the hell, i'll make a saya today".
This is the result, now curing mixed 50/50 danish oil and poly-laquer. 

Hopefully Maksim won't kill me because of this(i'll compensate him with some handle wood or so layer on). :P

 And yes that's red wine and a faux kasumi finish on that sujihiki. :)

onsdag 25 september 2013

Yoshiaki Fujiwara and five Itinomonns

All knives from the last shippment finished.
Ironwood burl, Honduran rosewood burl and Bog oak.

lördag 21 september 2013

First 180 and 210mm Itinomonn.

Yesterday I took two gyutos from the shop to finish up in the kitchen at home, if I had about 1-1,5h more in the shop before I had to leave... there would have been five of them in this post.

I made these with different handle shape, this shape does not force me to use as much rasps and files as the coke bottle versions do. Working with hand tools is fun for sure, but the motion gets pretty monotonous and takes a toll on upper back and my right elbow.

So this is somewhat of a compromise, another reason why this had to be done is that i'm getting a new schedule at work that lacks 24h shift = more days at work and less whole days in the shop.

Desert ironwood burl(top) and Honduran rosewood burl(bottom)

torsdag 19 september 2013

Second Yoshiaki Fujiwara - Kikuryu

Yesterday I finished these and shipped them to Denmark.
Yoshiaki Fujiwara - Kikuryu, desert ironwood burl

Shigefusa kitaeji 150mm petty, 2000 year old bog oak

tisdag 17 september 2013

First Yoshiaki Fujiwara - Kikuryu: done.

Ok, my WIP went as expected... a huge gap between last post and this, but I don't care I'm just very happy over how this one turned out! :)

Just fantastic!

To show the handle shape a bit better I took some phone-pics of it aswell. I use the fridge as a light bouncer when taking pictures, the trolley does not stay there at all time. :)