torsdag 3 oktober 2013


When four knives with the same wood comes back due to cracking and shrinking one has to reflect for a while.

For me a knife is treated in the same way as when I was a computer technician, I DON'T want the knife/computer in return... I want the CUSTOMER to return to me, I don't want to "fuck up", but sometimes it happens and this is a solid case of this happening.

Both me and my colleague/employer Maksim has talked to the persons affected by this and for the both of us it feels like a well oiled cricked bat straight to the nuts with minimal warning.

As much as I hate this, it feels good to remake this and the result will be a customer that can tell about the "Wood fuck-up" and how we solved this in a good manner".

Now I want to show you some pictures of wood that caused me more nightmares than customer satisfaction, enjoy because this will NEVER happen again.

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