lördag 21 september 2013

First 180 and 210mm Itinomonn.

Yesterday I took two gyutos from the shop to finish up in the kitchen at home, if I had about 1-1,5h more in the shop before I had to leave... there would have been five of them in this post.

I made these with different handle shape, this shape does not force me to use as much rasps and files as the coke bottle versions do. Working with hand tools is fun for sure, but the motion gets pretty monotonous and takes a toll on upper back and my right elbow.

So this is somewhat of a compromise, another reason why this had to be done is that i'm getting a new schedule at work that lacks 24h shift = more days at work and less whole days in the shop.

Desert ironwood burl(top) and Honduran rosewood burl(bottom)

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